We are a group of men meeting on a regular basis with the explicit intention to support and challenge each other.

How inspired, encouraged, challenged and supported are you by your peer group?

So, why joining a men's group?

A men's group is for you if you are looking for:

  • # authenticity and connection
  • # a safe place where you can be real
  • # helping each other to be the best men we can be
  • # being inspired by other men
  • # strengthening your intimate relationships
What we're about

In a world of #toxicmasculinity and #metoo, men are confused.

When they do not have deep relationships with other men who can reflect back to them and challenge them, they bring back their emotional burden onto their life partner, family and work environment.

A men's group is not counseling. It is not therapy. It is not religious.

In this same gender meetings, magic happens between men because of a certain validation and acceptance that occurs organically.

Being seen and heard by another men create an authentic connection between them. Shared stories, successes and struggles speak to these men who have wrestled themselves with the same demons and angels.

It is a place of growth and integrity, not a place to promote your business.

Developing relationships with other men doesn’t just happen - it takes intention and commitment.

Are you up to the challenge?

What is a men's group
Tal Ben-Shahar, Ph.D., writes in Happier:

“Having people about whom we care and who care about us to share our lives with – to share the events and thoughts and feeling in our lives – intensifies our experience of meaning, consoles us in our pain, deepens our sense of delight in the world.”

Some defining keywords
Active listening
Refining masculinity
In tune with body
In touch with feelings
Better relationships
as a strength
Meeting your edge
Yong Kang

"There is this Japanese saying, Ichigo Ichie, which means “Treasure every meeting, for it will never occur again.” This saying reminds me of The Men’s Group Singapore."

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"Every man needs a men’s group! This is your chance in Singapore."

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"I advise every man to try it at least once and find the same place of growth and sense of community I found at the Men's Group Singapore."

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