Men need support and challenges in order to grow.

A Men's Circle is a sacred and safe space for men to share, reflect and learn with trusted peers. A safe space to express the accumulated unspoken stories, emotions and experiences.

Despite having friends, family & colleagues around daily, most men don’t get to share what’s on their minds and hearts. Lengthy isolation ends up in:

  • challenging intimate relationships
  • lone-wolf syndrome, a man persuades himself to figure out everything on his own
  • pressure and stress to handle alone
  • loneliness often ending up in anxiety and depression
  • nice guy syndrome, a people-pleasing man showing little boundary
  • lack of role models and leadership to learn from

You don't have to figure everything out on your own.
A men's circle is a safe space where men can receive wisdom and love from their brothers who don't want anything from you!
The container gives you access to that accumulated unexpressed emotions and experiences, it gives you permission to share and speak about them in a loving and non-judgemental environment.
And instantly at that moment, not only will you feel the inner relief of one self-expression but also the embrace of your humanity.

Some of the topics we dabble in together

  • Breakups & Divorce

  • "Nice Guy" syndrome

  • Communication

  • Dating & Relationships

  • Emotional Wellness

  • Purpose

  • Spirituality

  • Porn Addiction & Sexuality

Shout out to all the men doing the work to be better men!

Shout out to all the men doing the work to be better men!

Shout out to all the men working to heal the traumas of their past, to be better fathers, brothers, friends and partners.


Public Men's Group

Since 2018, we have hosted different types of men’s groups. You can attend free online groups, in-person groups with practices, and outing events. We can also facilitate a group of 8-10 guys for team building on your request.
You decide which men’s groups you want to attend.

Private Group Support new

A safe container and intimate community to receive personal ongoing support and insights to become a healthy and unwavering man. Working in group with other like minded men is the fastest track to heal and grow.

Want to go deeper?

Men's work is rewarding and challenging. This work will become far more powerful when you are plugged into a community of other like-minded men and have direct access to my coaching services and online program. Which is why I would like you to consider signing up for one of these exclusive coaching packages as I am committed to supporting you through your personal growth journey.

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