What exactly is a men’s group? It’s a safe and welcoming place for men to grow, celebrate what’s working, share what’s not working, seek advice and so on, surrounded by a group of other men. It’s a place where we can begin to take off the multitude of masks we carry in our “daily lives” and take an honest look at ourselves, while having a great time in the process. Sounds simple, right? Well, men’s work in theory is simple but not always easy and often we need help on our journeys, hence this group is a great resource for all men in Singapore.

I had the privilege to attend men’s work trainings, groups etc all around the world. What makes Christophe’s circle unique is simply his humility and sincerity. He brings years and years of multi-disciplinary training, from martial arts through dedicated men’s work, to yoga and pranayama, and weaves these skills and knowledge seamlessly in to the running of the weekly meetings and the occasional weekend workshops. Whether you’re experienced in the ways of men’s work or just starting out on your journey, you’ll always find something of value in the group meetings.

Every man needs a men’s group! This is your chance in Singapore.