Group Coaching

This group coaching is private and open to any man willing to know what kind of man they are and what kind of man they want to be...and become it.

As I realised that...

I’m weak.....I train and strengthen my body
I’m numb...I create connection to myself and others
I’m hurt.....I heal myself
I’m foul.....I cultivate character
I’m lazy....I subject myself to disciplines
I’m fearful...I take risks
I’m selfish....I love
I’m ignorant....I cultivate wisdom
I’m human....I seek the Divine

The power of our Choice is far greater than you think...

Words Inspired by teacher Satyen Raja

Healing and Growing in a group setting is the fastest track to transforming your life. It is the #hack you are looking for.

The consistent support of Chris, as well as the group, help you uncover your Shadow, which is everything you denied, repressed and pushed away from your conscious into your unconscious: childhood emotional wounds and trauma, unhealthy family relationships dynamics to name a few.
In a safe circle, you will learn to open up, listen to other men and better cope with and integrate your shame, fear, anger, sadness and grief. You will learn to look into the mirror to unlock the limitations and protection mechanisms blocking your full potential to express yourself to the world.

Because you have a CHOICE.

Because YOU deserve more.

This Private Group Coaching Experience

is a safe space for like-minded men to be real, to be witnessed, to be supported, to be challenged, and to be loved for who they are.

Typical subjects we address

  • People pleasing or Nice-guy syndrome
  • Isolation or lone-wolf syndrome
  • family dynamics
  • your relationship to your father
  • your relationship to your mother 
  • your relationship to women
  • knowing and addressing your pain instead of denying or repressing it
  • self-expressing with authenticity
  • porn addiction and any non-nurturing habits
  • accessing your emotions and cultivating emotional regulation skills
  • freeing your mind
  • soft self-discipline, motivation

Our monthly connection (Next run starts in June 2023)

Group calls are held on Google Meetup every Thursday evening at 730pm SGT

Week 1, 2 and 3 are dedicated to your healing and growth. During each call, you are guaranteed to receive personal coaching and support wherever you are at and whatever you need. 

Week 4 is a Live Group Q&A discussion where I will answer your questions and discuss masculinity-related topics.

Join like-minded men and Commit for yourself during 2 months / 8 weeks

Join our Group Coaching for 8 group calls to transform your life for SGD313/month.
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