I invite you to consider that the very fabric of life itself IS possibility knowing that its fabric is uncertainty.

I invite you to consider that the very fabric of life itself IS possibility.
A blank canvas upon which we get to express and create, and perhaps most importantly, reveal what holds us back in life.
So the question is what patterns and beliefs do you have that currently create your occurring world?


Hey, I am Christophe. I am coaching, facilitating and teaching martial arts while living in Singapore.
I have facilitated weekly men’s circles, workshops and online programs since 2018 by creating a safe space for men to discover and share about themselves through practices, teachings and discussions.
This work is what I call Individuation and Connection work.

I am also passionate about teaching Filipino Martial Arts called Kali and boxing.
This work is what I call Warriorhood work.

Over the last 5 years, I've helped men to become a stronger version of themselves. I helped a young motivated man to get out of depression and move towards his career goals; I helped a recently divorced man to go through a separation process while bringing love and support to his young daughter; I helped new dads to be more confident in their masculinity and communication with their wife to welcome their new baby in their home.

I am a professional coach trained under the International organisation IPEC (accreditation in progress 2022) which trains and certifies professional coaches all over the planet. I am also trained under IFS for Coaches (Internal Family System by Dr Richard Schwartz) a powerfully transformative model empowering us in integrating our inner parts with Self Leadership.

My unique lens comes from walking the Men's Work, Martial Arts, and Spiritual path. My absolute passion is to support you in passing down the wisdom and practices I learned from my men's teachers, meditation teachers, and coaches and helping you navigate your life with more freedom and inner peace. Whilst I am not here to mould you into me, I will meet you with my experiences to deconstruct limiting beliefs whilst:
- loving you just as you are without trying to change you. You are not a problem to fix
- knowing you know what's best for you. I trust your inner knowing and will support you to connect with your inner wisdom
- embracing everything with curiosity
- having fun

Ready to make a bigger impact in your life?

Different package you can choose from

It is my honour and blessing to hold space for the unique expression of what is real for you. Each coaching is a personalised journey through which you will receive support, challenge, mentoring and practices in the real game: your evolution.

Unlock your potential

6 sessions of deep life coaching to free yourself from your patterns and beliefs. ALL IN.
Running over 3 months.

"Nice Guy" Syndrome

6 sessions of deep coaching on your "people pleasing" patterns and lack of self-boundaries.
Running over 3 months.

Dating & Relationships

6 sessions of deep coaching on dating and intimate relationships exploring and unblocking past and current behaviours and patterns that block you from blasting your love and being connected with your partner.
Running over 3 months.

Find your purpose

6 sessions of deep coaching on finding your purpose(s) based on your inner values.
Running over 3 months.


6 sessions of training in Filipino Martial Arts and Dirty Boxing to build black belt confidence, touch and enjoy a flow state. You will gain confidence, solidity and stamina.
Running over 3 months.

Shadow work

6 sessions of deep coaching to explore and reclaim your shadow side, all that which you repressed and denied.
Running over 3 months.

Train Your Mind & Nervous System

6 sessions to learn and practice meditation, breathwork and QiQong, improving your capacity to hold intensity and events that Life will present to you. Mindfulness or dynamic awareness is the practice of an intimate relationship with Life itself.
Running over 3 months.

S$10 Question

Ask a factual question about masculinity, dating & relationships, practices or subjects about manhood, and I will answer you within 3 days through email! Note: This has to be a straightforward question where a clear answer is possible. Payment via PayNow.
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* Sessions run for 60 minutes on weekdays and Saturdays from 9 am to 7 pm. Individual sessions can be booked on-demand below.

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