Our Meetings

The meetings are open to any men willing to participate.

Why do we meet?

In a world of #toxicmasculinity and #metoo, men are confused. When they do not have deep relationships with other men who can reflect to them and challenge them, they bring back their emotional burden onto their life partner, family and work environment.
A men's group is not counselling. It is not therapy. It is not religious. In these same-gender meetings, magic happens between men because of a certain validation and acceptance that occurs organically.
Being seen and heard by another man creates an authentic connection between them. Shared stories, successes and struggles speak to these men who have wrestled themselves with the same demons and angels.
It is a place of growth, authenticity and integrity.
It feels so good to hear a guy say, “Oh man I went through that same thing. I FEEL YOU brother... Here’s what I did. Here’s what I learned. ”

Developing relationships with other men don’t just happen - it takes intention and commitment.
Are you up to the challenge?

When do we meet?

We meet on Tuesday evenings. The session commences at 730pm.
The Tuesday session is currently held online.
You can register to our meetup group to get the full schedule and venues and be able to RSVP for the sessions.

Structure of our meetings

A typical timeline to expect for a session looks like this:

  • Arriving and settling down practices
  • reminding of our grounding rules of the meeting
  • check-in
  • discussion and shares (and eventually some practice if it feels right in the present moment)
  • and a final round of checking-out with everyone

It is a good idea to bring along a water bottle, pen, and notebook, with comfy clothes to sit and move if necessary.

Our grounding rules at the beginning of each meeting are

  • you honour and respect yourself and your boundaries
  • you honour and respect other men
  • strict confidentiality, nothing is to be shared outside the circle
  • being authentic no holding back, playing full out, you give your 100%
  • no fixing people