Once in a while, our meeting is not so serious. During our last men's circle, our conversation was fun, light and very much guys oriented. We mainly shared our past fun experiences and future ones.

Here is the list of activities we discussed that can inspire you along the way:

  • sky diving (available in Malaysia)
  • scuba diving and free diving (South East Asia offers so many choices between Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, ...)
  • learn gun shooting (Thailand, Bangkok)
  • learn VIP car driving (Thailand, Bangkok)
  • 10 days meditation retreat (Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, ...)
  • dark retreat, during which you can spend time with yourself in a pitch-dark and silent environment (Bali, USA)
  • floating in an Epsom salt sensory-deprived tank (Singapore, Palm Float Avenue)
  • martial arts trains you to access, hone and own your inner warrior (Kali Majapahit Singapore, The Flow Academy Bali)