"The deeper the sorrow, the greater the joy" wrote William Blake.

When we send our grief into jail,

We simultaneously condemn our lives to an absence of joy.

A grey sky that covers up our life is intolerable to the Soul.

It shouts at us every day to do something about it.

But we ignore the voice and keep pursuing rewards in the form of adrenaline shots

With the secret hope of forgetting our sorrows, our pain, our broken heart.

If we are not listening,

Over time this dull grey sky gives birth to depression

As a painful call for waking up from our numbness.

Look and feel into everything and everyone you lost and will irremediably lose,

For life is impermanent.

Look and feel into your broken heart,

For the ways and times, you have felt rejected, abandoned, unloved.

Look and feel into Mother Nature tears,

For being rapped and wrecked by humans.

Cry more brother! You will be more joyful!

Cry more brother! You will be more mature!

Cry more brother! You will be wiser being able to carry within you these truths simultaneously.

As for denying these truths is to deny Life itself

And live in some fantasy world.