January 31, 2021

The Brave Heart Men Training

The Brave Heart Men Training is a unique 9 weeks program, a transformational program for men willing to take responsibility and leadership for their life.

We are starting our second run of the men's training program end of January 2021!

This intensive program running for 9 weeks is for dedicated men willing to grow through a guided self-discovery journey, supported and challenged by like-minded men. The program holds the necessary structure, content, and practices to support your growth in the multi-facets of your masculinity.

A man's feedback from the 1st run says it all:

"Seeking growth as a man and to have someone point me in the right direction towards becoming a man. Initially, it wasn't so much the group as I was hesitant, but it turns out that the interaction with the group was what kept me growing!"

There are only 6 seats left, website and applications for registration are now open here


unique work in Singapore


February 29, 2020

Men's Workshop February 2020

What does it mean to be a man today?

Such a long conversation to have with ourselves and other men. That is why the Men’s Group Singapore exists in the first place. A man is first and foremost connected to himself, he is in connection to nature, to the feminine and to other men.

This event is offered as an invitation to an experience. It’s an invitation to open a doorway and enter Men’s work. This work isn’t about “easy”, “good” and “cool”. It’s not about happiness, appearances, performance, and money. It’s about being authentic, growing up emotionally, connecting to yourself and reclaiming integrity. It’s not about feeling good either, it is about becoming good at feeling.

It’s about getting attuned to our own body and consciousness through practices and becoming a Warrior of the Heart.

This 5 hours workshop, exclusively for men above the age of 21, is designed to be a challenging experience between men. It is designed to expand self-awareness and connection through a set of practices and discussions.

Physical practices, mental practices, embodiment practices, sharing practices, authentic relating, pair and group practices seasoned with discussions, Q&A and surprises.


unique work in Singapore


During the 5 hours, you will:

practice with other men, there is nothing more powerful

build presence

Connect to yourself and get in touch with your feelings

understanding the dynamics between feminine and masculine energy

relate with authenticity and vulnerability

embody different energies


Open to 14 committed men (minimum of 6 pax required)

Workshop date: Saturday 29th February 2020 - 2 pm to 7 pm

Workshop Venue: Cluny Court, Singapore

Investment $SG120

All details for registration will be sent by WhatsApp upon RSVP here: Men's Group Singapore Meetup

Note: Bring water bottle, towel, notebook and pen, your favourite meditation cushion if you have, comfy clothes.