The group is open to any man of any age willing to participate.

Weekly Meetings

We meet every Tuesday's evening. The session commences at 730pm.

The meetings are currently held in China Town.

You can register to our meetup's group to get the full schedule and venue's.

You are invited to bring along:

  • Comfy clothes
  • Notebook
  • Pen
  • Water Bottle
  • your own meditation cushion if you have
So, what happens at a meeting?

The group is open to any man willing to participate.

Typical timeline to expect for the meeting:

  • # agreeing to our 4 agreements (See below)
  • # 1st round check-in: tuning in each other presence, followed by stating name and a two sentences check-in
  • # 2nd round check-in: 1 to 5 min. life check-in per man
  • # 15 min open floor per willing man (for any considerations, any sharing, any subject to explore)
  • # depending on the previous point and what feels right in the moment, some practices can be engaged
  • # and a final round of check-out with everyone

Our 4 agreements at the beginning of each meeting are:

  • # you honour yourself and your own boundaries
  • # you honour other men
  • # strict confidentiality
  • # no holding back, playing full out, you give your 100%