5th Jan 2021 Men's group meetup log

Christophe ~ January 6, 2021

[ men's group log ]

It was wonderful to start off the year with a physical men's group inviting more connection and more real sharing. Landing a space of safety and connection was eased by each man's willingness to be fully present for the session's duration.

The two hours passed by like a wing flapping.

I am in awe in front of the magic of men gathering that creates potential to heal, integrate, guide, connect the dots, receive and offer potent feedbacks, or co-create an action plan.

Whilst, I would like to commend and honour the three first-timers who felt safe in this masculine container to open themselves to the group, I am grateful for the pillars who join regularly and create safety for others.

We ended up the evening with a powerful (and smoke full) burning ceremony striving at letting go whatever is not serving us anymore.

Thanks all for showing up and looking forward to next week! 👊