15th Dec 2020 Men's group meetup log

Christophe ~ December 16, 2020

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Another full and rich Tuesday evening meetup with the men's group.

The evening firework started with a celebration of a big win for one of the men who just finished 90 days of NoFAP! This is huge! What is even more huge is his sharing about his shift of perspective regarding women, sexuality, and intimacy. Porn objectifies women. Porn objectifies men. Porn dries intimacy and sexuality. Hooking ourselves out of this porn industry, which is not looking after your relationships, and porn addiction, we can finally start to see and feel what sexuality and intimacy are about. Huge win for this man, and a huge win for his next partner :)

The meetup carried on with a sharing of anger, reacting to some unfairness in life, especially in the corporate world. As much as the anger is valid and has to be acknowledged and felt, they are ways to move on with our lives without holding any sort of resentment or toxic energies within us. Reminding ourselves of a time where life has been unfair to others whilst being good to us helps Remindingput the present unfairness in perspective and shift our attention from the "me" place to a "us" place. It is a way for us to raise our perspective to a higher place and better handle the impermanence of Life.

Thanks all for showing up! 👊