8th Dec 2020 Men's group meetup log

Christophe ~ December 9, 2020

[ men's group log purpose ]

Last Tuesday 730pm. The SG men's group gather around a virtual campfire to give ourselves time and care in expressing struggles and wins in life.

I see lots of men struggling and scared of approaching women to ask her on a date or ask her their phone contact. As pointed out by some men, this is a skill that requires practice. Which means success and failure. And there lie the problem: the fear of failure, of rejection, of her totally eventual 'no'. This fear stems usually from multiple dimensions. What I brought emphasis and attention to last evening was on this dimension of wanting and desires that most of the men do not own, and do not even dare to ask for themselves. I know well this as I spend most of my life not knowing what I wanted.

When you ask a man "What do you want?", there is a high chance to be met with a blank or an "I don't know" or an unauthentic answer sprouting from culture, society and media conditioning, or family.

"What do you want?" is the most important question to ask ourselves to start to do the work. Then owning your answers is something very attractive to the feminine. Just saying.

What do you want is who you are.

What do you want?

Thanks all for showing up! 👊