24th Nov 2020 Men's group meetup log

Christophe ~ November 26, 2020

[ men's group log purpose ]

Last Tuesday evening's meetup was all about diving into our relationship with parents. Ouch! We would need a few more sessions to begin to scratch the surface of this important one. It's no secret that those can be as challenging as they can be rewarding.

Few interesting pointers surfaced up during the discussion.

We would agree on the differences between Eastern and Singapore culture because children stay living in their parent's place for a long time in Singapore. Which is utterly detrimental for a boy on his journey to becoming a man. A man's initiation starts by living away from his parents and learn to be on his own facing life. The different rites of passage present in ancient cultures were a real gift in that regard. Nowadays, boys stay a longer time with their parents, for a load of good pragmatical reasons, but guess what...they stay boys most of the time. We started to scratch the difficulty of communication with parents when a blockage, a closing, a status quo is already there, since years, probably passed over from the previous generations. We would start to touch on our own integrity, aligning our guts, heart, and mind to make real conscious choices for further actions to take. Taking responsibility for our wantings, usually coming from the heart and the belly, is a real act of integrity that requires courage by seeing then facing our own fears.

Thanks for showing up, men! 👊